Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures.

The past six months or so the subtle pressure I’ve been receiving to add a new fur baby to the family has been just how I like it–subtle. They know I said never again.

After hundreds, or maybe even thousands of DMs of bulldogs and kids with dogs and dogs doing ridiculously funny and adorable things, I still said never again.

I’ve been there; I’ve done that. And after cleaning our carpets twice, scrubbing slobber off the walls a year later, and having to get new furniture, it makes sense why I said never again.

The experience and heartache of losing Eloise confirmed it for me…never again.

Our dog-free life has been different. Less complicated. Spontaneous. Better smelling.

But I suppose our life has also never been more uncertain. Maybe it’s the pandemic talking, but I know deep down the feeling of uncertainty crept in with Margy’s health. Eloise passed away just a few months after she was born, so we never got to experience the comfort of having a loyal companion by our side during some of the darkest moments. So, yes, a dog has crossed my mind more than a few times. A friend, a protector, a calming presence, a distraction…we could all use a little bit of that right now.

I guess the moral of the story is, never say never…