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Duffy Doodle is just about 10 months old, and he has found his way into all of our hearts.

It’s hard not to fall in love with a face like that.

When we first got him, I put together a list of must-haves for a new puppy. I hadn’t thought about the list since he was three or four months old, but it’s all still very relevant even as he nears his first birthday.

1. Large Expandable Crate | Crate Mat | 2. Dog Bed | 3. Slicker Brush | 4. Food and Water Bowls | 5. Harness | Leash | 6. Hedgehog Toy | 7. Kong Squeezz Stick | 8. Puppy Nylabones | 9. Kong Moose | Bark Pelican Toy | 10. Kong Wobbler | 11. Rope | 12. Snuffle Bowl

He still uses all of these things daily minus the puppy bones. The Kong Wobbler and Snuffle Mat were a must when he was still too little to go for long walks. He has a lot of energy and is eager to work, so these feeders give him the mental challenge that can help wear him out. He also likes the hide-n-seek toys for the same reason.

We obviously have other toys, grooming essentials, and treat dispensers, but if you’re going to get a new puppy, you would be all set with just those few must-haves.