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While it has been quiet online, it definitely has not been quiet at home! In 2021 we added a fourth little girl to our crew. Our hearts knew we had room for one more little love bug!

The last year has been spent reliving all things baby–changing diapers, late night wake ups, celebrating milestones, and so many sweet snuggles and kisses. It’s hard to believe we had babies in three decades! Actually, maybe we shouldn’t think about that.

I thought I would attempt to come back strong with a few Valentine’s Day gift guides since that is where I left off last. I am really trying to reduce the amount of stuff we have, but as you can imagine, that is no small feat. I will say, I have gotten better at getting the girls things they really want and will use.

I can’t believe it, but we no longer have a preteen in the house. We have a full-blown teenager. I put together a small collection of things she really likes right now.

She is really into making ramen and spicing it up with recipes she has seen on TikTok. She has a ramen bowl she uses, but this one is extra cute, and she also recently acquired the skill of poaching eggs, so I couldn’t resist the Jellycat egg to go along with it.

Our fun and feisty second-born is really starting to love reading. She is a little bit of a late reader due to kindergarten Covid, but she is enjoying being able to read chapter books along with the accessibility of graphic novels.

Girlfriend would love if I just got her everything her older sister has, but I do try to let them live in their own age. She is currently obsessed with all things LED lights and takes tons of pictures with her Instax. I know she will love the marquee light, and a few fun hair extensions will add some spice to the daily ponytail.

I think I’ll add a part two for the littles. Check back soon!