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First time mamas, I am so jealous. Honestly, if I could start over, I totally would. The motherhood journey has been one of the very best parts of my life, and unlike high school, I would relive it like Groundhog Day–over and over and over. That might be why I keep wanting more babies…

One of my co-workers is expecting her first baby this spring, and I put together a quick must-have list to help her register. She said it was useful, so I thought I would share some of it here.

We are stroller hoarders. I think we currently have five strollers and really only one kid that uses them. BUT, a good stroller is a major necessity. Now, I am fully aware that there are luxury brand strollers. These ain’t it. I’d give these a solid $$-$$$ on the menu money review thingy. I do think they’re in the sweet spot of price though. Because you’re spending a little more, they keep some resale value. I’ve resold several strollers, and I am pleased with how much people are willing to spend secondhand.

All-Purpose, Lightweight Stroller

Our No. 1 is the Maclaren Quest. Seriously, we have had this stroller for over 10 years. It has made four Disney trips, survived three kids, reclines for nap time, and still pushes pretty darn smoothly. I would say the biggest factor when choosing a basic everyday stroller is making sure it pushes right for you. Your height and stride seriously make a difference. We borrowed a stroller that was a similar style from some friends, and we noticed the comfort was not at all the same. One thing I especially love about this stroller is that it is appropriate from infant to 55 lbs., so it grows with your child. If you do any sort of vacationing, especially to Disney, there is no shame in the eight-year-old hitching a ride.

All-Terrain, Jogger

Our No. 2 is the B.O.B. We actually have a double and a single. Holy honkin’ stroller, but those bad boys push like a dream. Seriously, all-terrain. You do not have to be a runner to enjoy this stroller. We totally bought both of ours secondhand because they have a hefty price tag, but what I love is that they are quality products. I could totally sell ours right now and get my money back, and we have used them for almost five years. Doesn’t depreciate quite the same way your car does. You could always wait on this until the babe is a little bigger; it’s not an immediate must-have, but we are so happy we have them.

Basic Infant Ride

Next, I would honestly recommend the ol’ Graco infant car seat frame stroller. We didn’t have this for the first two girls, and we got it with our third. I loved being able to just pop her into the stroller in her car seat, especially if she was sleeping. You could get the infant attachment for a B.O.B., but those things are so heavy it’s not very convenient until they can sit unassisted, and you are not recovering from childbirth. The Graco frame is super lightweight, easy to fold, and has a big basket underneath for all the things. This would actually be a good registry item because it’s affordable for family members that want to get one substantial gift.

The Extra Craigslist-er

Lastly, the extra Maclaren Volo that is the cheapo version. It’s recommended for 6m+, and I would totally agree. This is our spare stroller for when two kids need to be pushed, and we don’t have space or want to haul the double. That said, the second kid usually can climb in and out of this stroller on their own, and they don’t usually use the buckle. The reviews hate on the use of this for a baby, but it is a great lightweight travel option when they get older.

We had our first one for five or six years until someone crushed a glow stick all over it. I was not digging the radioactive vibe, so I sold it. Then before our last Disney trip I sent my husband on a Craigslist adventure to get us a “new” one. Pro tip: when asked if you would like to see what else they have for sale in their basement, and you don’t have your cell phone–don’t do that…take your cell phone.

Happy strolling!

Maclaren doll or v. large toddler stroller