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It’s been a long road since March, and it ain’t over.

Like so many families across the country, we have been grappling with the decision whether to keep our kids home or send them to school (if that is even an option). We knew our decision would ultimately depend on the opinions of Margy’s doctors and whether or not there was an option we found “safe” for the whole family.

Two weeks ago Margs had her tonsillectomy, and we had the opportunity to talk pretty extensively with some of her doctors. They were all in agreement that at this moment in time, we should shield her as much as we are able, especially from daycare and school germs. However, I should note that all doctors also understood that not everyone’s circumstances allow for families to uproot their lives and careers to do this.

So, I’m staying home. And so are they. Our district is offering remote learning for the school year for any families that prefer to keep their kids home, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will need me as an online teacher, so I can also keep my job. That decision will be made this week.

In the meantime, I have started creating a dedicated learning/teaching space. If I took nothing else away from the spring, it is that we cannot learn at the kitchen table. The separation of work and home is going to be essential for our survival.

So, this is roughly one third of our basement. The ultimate plan is to have a learning space, a preschool/daycare play space, and a living space. We will spend most of our day together down here, so it needs to be livable and likable.

I was able to raid my classroom for some of the furniture I have purchased over the last couple years to create flexible seating in my classroom. I want the girls to each have their own work space (the long table), a common work space (a large round table), and then I will have my own table. We also have an old IKEA couch that is acting as a barrier between the learning and play areas.

The space is still largely unfinished, but it’s coming together. I will do an updated post once more things come in the mail, and I get stuff on the walls.

This is going to be quite the adventure, and I hope to make it as positive of an experience as I can for myself, my kids, and my students.