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I think we’re all trying to figure out how to make online learning more hands-on. I’ve especially been thinking a lot about my kindergartener. I can’t imagine her being on a screen for more than a couple hours a day. Unfortunately, that might be the reality, but I want to have some manipulatives available to enhance her learning whenever possible.

Her Young 5 teacher was awesome at incorporating Play-Doh and dry erase sleeves during their weekly Zoom calls. I want to make sure I have a supply of those, but I am also adding other early-elementary appropriate manipulatives she can use during class meetings or with me.

A lot of these are specifically for math, but I am also working on more reading/writing centered supplies, as well.

I’m excited to start planning the storage of our centers and figuring out the best way to keep them accessible, so she can use them independently but with a purpose. I’ll keep you posted.