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It has been a strange eight months to say the least. While I have been drowning myself in work the past three months, I am finally starting to come up for air. So why not immediately throw myself into a holiday frenzy?!? I suppose we could all use a little cheer, and my ladies couldn’t be more excited.

Honestly, I normally wouldn’t begin any of the madness before Thanksgiving, but with a probable shutdown around the corner, I thought I would try my best to get a head start to hopefully eliminate some stress.

My girls do not need any of this, but if you’re in the mood for some frivolous fun, this is what made their lists this year.

Ror is going to be 11 a few days before Christmas, so her list is a bit of a combo birthday/holiday wishlist.

GoPro HERO 8 | GoPro Accessory Pack | GoPro Silicone Case | Nike Shoes |Animal Crossing Pajamas | Our Generation School | Our Generation Pomeranian | Our Generation Locker | Kindle Paperwhite – Sage | Llama Picture | Razor Phase Two Scooter | Victrola Canvas Bluetooth Record Player | Taylor Swift Vinyl | Fjallraven Backpack | Vinyl Stickers | Lego Friends Heartlake City Hospital | Lego Friends Alpaca Mountain Rescue | 3-Tier Utility Cart | 3-Barrel Curling Iron Wand | Lava Lamp | Squishmallow – Alpaca | Lego Organizer

She loves music, so the record player will be a fun throwback surprise. She is also into anything techy. She would make videos and play videogames all day if we let her. A GoPro has been at the top of her list for the last year, so that will be her main birthday gift. I am excited to see what she creates since she can edit the videos on her iPad.

I also think you can’t go wrong with stickers, Squishmallows, and Legos at this age. She still plays with toys, especially with the little girls, so it’s fun for her to get some new stuff, too.

I can’t deny that we are headed into the tween years though. She loves new room decor and is more conscientious of her appearance, so hair accessories, clothes, and shoes are also on the list.

Mae on the other hand is a true middle little. She is envious of all her older sister’s stuff, but she also still likes the toys for the toddler. She is usually pretty easy to please but doesn’t necessarily offer up specific ideas. This was a combined effort. 🙂

Swivel Stool | Osmo Super Studio | Race to the Treasure | Osmo Pizza Co. | Headband Holder | Squeezamals Picnic | L.O.L. Bigger Surprise | Razor Electric Scooter | Indoor Trampoline | Secret Crush | Caboodle | Mr. Sketch Crayons | Go Glam Nail Salon | Fitbit Ace 2 | Lego Dots | American Girl Doll – Courtney | Lego Friends Panda Rescue | Squishmallow – Panda

Mae Mae is a girl on the move. Remote learning has been tough on her, so I wanted to incorporate some gifts that would help with the wiggles. She absolutely loves swivel chairs and stools. She has a wobble stool right now, but her dream is a stool that spins. After a recent trip the eye doctor, she told me that the stool in the office was what she wanted, and it definitely can’t have a back on it because then it will hit her work table. I can already tell I’m going to get dizzy looking at her.

We also have the Little Tikes trampoline in our basement. This has been a top toy for all three girls, and it has held up really well the last 10 years. However, Mae is getting pretty big for it, but she still loves to bounce. I am hopeful that the size upgrade will do the trick.

And sweet Margy cannot wait for Santa to come this year! It is tricky to figure out what a third girl would want that hasn’t already been passed down to her. Honestly, she will be happy with anything, but some of the things on her wish list are bound to make her extra excited.

Chunkies Paint Sticks | Sketchbooks | Echo Dot | Surfer Dudes | VTech Compact Camera | Kozy Koala | Our Generation Pet Travel | Doll Stroller | Baby Alive | Wellie Wisher | Our Generation Pup | Soccer Stacie | Helper Stool | Giant Care Bear

I loved the VTech compact camera when I saw it. The other girls both had Kidizoom cameras, but this is a little more unique. Margs loves pretend makeup, compact mirrors, and taking pictures, so it’s perfect.

She’s getting a little old for the helper stool, but this will make me feel a lot better than having her continue to drag the bar stools all over the kitchen. I like that it will keep her safe, so she can be hands free while helping.

And who doesn’t want a giant Cheer Bear?!? Margy is the sweetest thing on the planet, and she brings so much cheer to all of us. I couldn’t resist. Her little face will be priceless.

Hopefully you got some good ideas for the little ones in your life! I’ll work on my stocking stuffers next!